Museums + Lunch

Come for the art… stay for lunch!

Museums And Lunch

We know museums have been around since 500 BC and probably even earlier- we have yet to find them.  Babylonians, Greeks and Romans had museums and even art forgeries! Museums began installing cafes in or near their location in the 1800’s. Food started as a draw to bring people in to view the art or keep them close when they got hungry. Over the centuries, museums have changed size, format and appeal. Regardless, a museum records history, our history, the history of mankind. This never loses its appeal or curiosity. Lunch has probably been around since Adam and Eve ate the apple…I think it was her lunch, can’t say for him.

Present day museums are a huge draw for locals and tourists, traveler and scholars, seniors and kids, celebrities and working folks. All together…they get hungry! And so, there is lunch. Put them both together, and you have a glorious day!

The word museum comes from the Greek word, mouseion, or “seat of the Muses”. Lunch from Latin and old English nonechenche, loosely translated to a hunk of bread and cheese at noon.

So, come visit the seat of the muses and then have a hunk of bread and cheese with us!